Ade Advanced Optics Micro Red Dot Sight Plate

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Ade Advanced Optics Berreta 92 Colt 1911 Sig Sauer P226 Glock 17 19 22 Pistol Vortex Sightmark Mirco Burris Red Dot Sight Plate


       Color: Black

       Weight: 20g

       Length: 46mm (1.8 inch)

       Width: 25.4mm(1 inch)

       Mid Thickness: 3mm (0.1 inch)

       Material: Aluminum

  A Type Plate: Beretta 92 Pistol Mount Plate

(The writing on the sliding rail "MOD.92FS-CAL 9MM Parabellum-PATENTED" actually

means Beretta 98 FS, our mount adapter plate can not use on this model.)

  B Type Plate: Colt 1911 Such as -22 Pistol Mount Plate

  C Type Plate: Sig Sauer P226 Pistol Mount Plate It isn t fit with a kjw p226 or marui like

  D Type Plate: Glock Mount Plate will fit G17/19/22/23/26/27/29/30/31/34/35/36/37/41

                       they all use the same rear sights

  Type Plate: Springfield sd9ve XD Mount Plate 

can not use on Springfield XD 9mm/Springfield Armory XD 9mm/Springfield xd .45

  Type Plate: Smith & Wesson M&P SD40VE pistol Mount Plate

  Type Plate: 9mm HK USP-1 Mount Plate

Pistol rear sight replace mount plate for

 1. Sightmark mini shot reflex sight

 2. Vortex Razor/Viper/Venom micro red dot Sight

 3. Ade Advanced Optics rd3-001, rd3-02, rd3-009, rd3-006a

 4. Burris Fastfire micro red dot Sight



  Designed for real fire caliber

  High quality aluminum alloy in durable black finish  

  A mounting plate to attach red dot to pistol,not a gun part

  With 2 screws and 1 plate for installation, you need to remove your rear sight first

  Sightmark, Vortex and Burris are the trademark of their respective owner, it is an accessory made by a third party manufacture for connecting red dots to pistol.


Brand Name: AIMTIS

Model Number: Springfield XD / Smith & Wesson M&P / HK USP

Guide Length: Other

Guide Type: mount base

Color: Black

Length: 46mm (1.8 inch)

Width: 25.4mm(1 inch)

Mid Thickness: 3mm (0.1 inch)

Weight: 20g

Material: Aluminum

Fits for: VORTEX Micro Red Dot Sight

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