Long Stlye EDC GEAR Aluminum Hard Oxide Car Key Holder

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Material: aluminum alloy material blasting oxidation.

Process: Stamping + Anodizing

Specification: 8.8cm * 1.7cm * 1.8cm (aluminum sheet thickness of 2mm)

Material:6061-T6 aviation aluminum

Features: DIY fun, all the keys, gadgets (knives, wrenches) all together together

Single sets of weight: 20 g

Color:black, blue, gold, red, purple, silver, pink

Specifications:8.8cm * 1.7cm * 1.8cm


       The use of the method is very simple, the user only need to hold the coin on the "screw" screw a few times, put the key into the last re-tightened. (Know the specific location of the key, the door is no longer one by one to try it?) In addition, this product is not limited to the key, as long as the user likes, can U disk, RFID chips together.

1, the inner column diameter of 4 mm, make sure your keyhole diameter is greater than 4 mm, much larger does not matter.

2, the standard column about 11 mm high (you can hold 4-5 to the ordinary key), if you have a special key, please first measured in advance.

3, the cross key can be installed (thickness equal to 3-4 to the ordinary key) black head key can be installed, you can also install directly or electric baked out of plastic fill points.

Brand Name: NY
Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
Material: 6061-T6 aviation aluminum
Color: Red Black Silver Blue Golden Purple
Process: Stamping + Anodizing
Specifications: 8.8cm * 1.7cm * 1.8cm
weight: 20g
Features: DIY fun, all the keys, gadgets (knives, wrenches)

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