QLS Quick Locking System Kit with QLS 19 & QLS 22

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Product name: QLS Quick Locking System Kit BK 




FMA Quick Locking System Kit DE 


Utilize for Duty Holsters


QLS 19 - Duty Holster Locking Fork


QLS 22 - Duty Receiver Plate




The FMA QLS male/female pair, shown here, can be installed on anySafariland holster/back-piece combination which enables you to quickly change your holster to another back-piece containing the QLS 22 as needed. The two parts, the QLS 19 and QLS 22 quickly and easily slide together and lock, forming a rock-solid attachment between your holster and UBL, Tactical Leg Plate, MOLLE Vest, Car Dash, Bedside Table, or anywhere else you mount the receiver plate.


The FMA QLS system is Quick, Easy and Secure. You can even mount the QLS 22 (female receiver) to your desk, nightstand, or vehicle for secure storage of your handgun/holster.


The QLS 19 is attached to the holster body and the QLS 22 is attached to the back-piece or holster attachment device.


The QLS kit includes the fasteners and wrench you'll need to attach your QLS 19 and QLS 22 to your holster and back-piece. Complete installation will only take about 5 minutes


Package List:1*Quick Locking System Kit

Model Number: Quick Locking System Kit

Material: NYLON

Brand Name: RuoskyGear

Model: Holster QLS Quick Locking

Function: Holster accessories

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